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Book Reads 2014

Robbie Kay Appreciation 9/9

Robbie Andrew Kay, I love you.
Robbie Kay Appreciation 8/9
Robbie Andrew Kay, you perfect human being.
Robbie Kay Appreciation 7/9
Stop grinning like that. You devil.
Robbie Kay Appreciation 6/9
You should stop talking or I’m gonna grab your face and kiss you, ‘cause your cute!
Robbie Kay Appreciation 5/9
Seriously, stop being so hot. Just stop.
Robbie Kay Appreciation 4/9
Was that a threat?
Robbie Kay Appreciation 3/9
*melts* *dies*
Robbie Kay Appreciation 2/9
Remember Season 3 Episode 1, when we all thought he was just a Lost Boy for 38 minutes?
Robbie Kay Appreciation 1/9

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I really want to sign up, but it says I can’t since my country doesn’t allow :(